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To promote safe water, adequate sanitation, good hygiene, proper nutrition, reproductive health and child protection, justice..


To have equitable health service system through provision of safe & sustainable water, hygiene environment & sanitation for all


To promote good health to the people through equitable access to safe water, adequate sanitation, good hygiene, proper


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create a better future today

Safe Health for All Zambian is an indigenous Non-Governmental Organization whose purpose is to promote water, sanitation, hygiene, nutrition, irrigation, climate change resilience for women, children and other vulnerable groups through service delivery, advocacy, networking and research in order to realize the highest possible level of WASH in our society, HIV/AIDS prevention Care and support programmes, Providing support to people living with disabilities and provide support to orphans and Vulnerable children in our community.

The organisation is composed of competent and self-motivated individuals with expertise in various disciplines who bring to the organization a reservoir of experience based on the works they have done. As “Safe Health For All Zambian” we are aimed at providing our clients with an “I am assured” experience when we are chosen to execute their projects. Our emphasis on effective communication and follow up procedures ensures that clients’ objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.

Our Factors to consider for Equity and Inclusion

Creating a better Future today
Community Consultations

community consultations to understand the needs of the different sections and identifying who the excluded are through participatory processes such as poverty mapping and wealth ranking

Mobilizing the marginalized

Mobilizing the marginalized population and help them to develop their capacity and confidence to stimulate a public response.

Discrepancy Rating

discrepancy rating structures for people from different categories within poor communities.

Identifying People

Identifying people with unequal access to, or use of, equitable health service system through provision of safe and sustainable water, environment, sanitation and hygiene for all (SWSH4A), Sustainable Nutrition

Creating a better future today
We are a Non-Governmental Organization

Specific Objectives

Creating a better future today
  • HIV/AIDS prevention care & Support.
  • To provide support to people living with disabilities.
  • To promote to reproductive health and child protection
  • To promote equity & inclusion in health care service provision
  • d. Providing water points within reachable distances in our society to reduce on water borne diseases.

What we Do as Safe Health For All Zambian

Creating a better future today


Formal representation of community concerns on service delivery through various consultation forums

Mapping of WASH

Mapping of WASH facilities in terms of access and functionality, analyzing results from community planning and mapping processes

Identifying Pockets

Identifying pockets of un-served or underserved communities based on the above and planning for appropriate levels of investments and interventions

Identifying Physical

Identifying physical and financial targets at the district level to achieve SDGs and ensuring that these are further tailored to meet the needs of the poorest and the excluded

Resources Analysis

Analysis of resources available and working with local governments to sensitize them on the need to reach out to the poorest

Constraint Research

Research on constraints (social, physical, financial) faced by the poorest and the excluded in accessing services to ensure services are designed to better meet the needs of such people

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